School starts

January 22

This Tuesday, classes started at UW and MATC. It is always a joy to teach small classes, and my MATC class only has 16 students. We have already generated great discussions and I think the students are feeling very free to ask any questions.

My UW class is full at 90 students. Unfortunately only the most bold students seem to ask questions, but many students feel confident to come up and ask questions after class. I look forward to meeting more of the students as the semester goes on so that it won't fell like I am looking out at a sea of faces.

Mark surprised me yesterday by taking me sledding. I have never been sledding in the snow, and we have had quite a dry winter so far. But Friday night it snowed just a few inches- enough for a sledding adventure. My first trip down the hill was rather scary- having never been much of a thrill seeker. But by my third trip down I think I had the hang of it! Mark and I even picked up a larger sled (with tracks underneath to help with direction) at Toys-R-Us that afternoon... now we just need some more snow.

For the week, we made Mexican Beef Casserole yesterday (trying some minor variations) and Mark made Caribbean pork (which I surprisingly liked more than he did- pineapples and all). Now with work, game nights and weekly meal planning, it really feels like we are back in Madison.

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