SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2006
Trying to get to Texas

March 13th

Saturday being the first day of spring break, I sifted through all of my novels and started reading Sue Grafton's P is for Peril. We both had a wonderfully relaxing day. Sunday we packed and headed out on the bus to Memorial Union where we caught a ride on the Van Galder to Chicago in wait for our evening flight to Texas. Unfortunately we got there just as a massive storm system hit. At midnight with a shaking clap of thunder and a scary lightning bolt, we found out that our 8pm flight was canceled. Since I was rather ticked- no ticket agent was there when they finally canceled our flight, we were told over the loud speaker (and noticed that the pilots left), Mark called to reschedule our cancelled trip. The best we could do was San Antonio the next afternoon- so we took it.

Next Mark called the airlines hotel booking to get a discounted room for the night while I tried to get a rental car from San Antonio to Austin- the one-way costs are hideous. At 2am, after a short taxi ride, we ended up at the Regency and slept until 9am. Since I am more of a morning person than Mark, I got up to get us some breakfast. Unfortunately it was Dunkin’ Donuts (not even comparable to RR donuts) with milk and Kellogg’s corn flakes for Mark. Watching the news I found out that the storm system last night was responsible for tornados and deaths throughout the Midwest.

After a nice shuttle to the airport, we talked to a pleasant ticket agent who found a flight on an earlier trip to Austin!!! Yeah!!! At this point I had finished my book and bought Memoirs of a Geisha out of curiosity, and after two short delays, we left for Austin. I was so happy to be out of Chicago I could have kissed the ground when we arrived. We had a fabulous dinner of fajitas at Antonio’s and I even tried a Mexican Martini (which I will admit was one of the best drinks I have ever had). It was so nice to see home again! We sat down and watched or pre-recorded (my folks are so thoughtful) Gray's Anatomy (I love that soap) just as we do every Sunday (plus one day). After all of the hustle and bustle of the day, Mark and I both slept well on our waterbed that night!

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