Potato Ravioli Treats

Another week of shopping at Whole Foods, yummy eggplant, found stinky olives, ground beef.
Made Potato Ravioli
and Baked Pasta with Tomato Sauce, both yummy!
Dinner for Valentines at Otto's, Laura had steak, I ate the pork chop stuffed with fennel and vegetables. I had mashed sweet potatoes with a cherry glaze, laura had mashed potatoes and dilled vegetables. The feta bruchetta was amazing, and wonderful loaf of sourdough bread.
Burr and Natalie came over Friday night, we had cupcakes and ice cream and movie butter popcorn, played Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde.
Saturday was a nice lunch with Mel and Sasha at Lulus, with couscous and chicken fate'
Wednesday night and thursday morning was a wonderful snowstorm, about 9 inches total! Bitterly cold, though.

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