SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2006
Good views

March 16th

This morning we put together a feast for breakfast. Mark broke in the cast iron waffle maker to make waffles for everyone. We also had pancakes and to top it all off a delicious fruit salad with blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, and blackberries. I have never been much of a pancake/waffle eater- but add equal parts fresh fruit salad to it with a bit of real maple syrup and I could eat all day. What a treat!

After we tried to identify some of the local birds, Mom took a brief nap while we were happily reading our novels, we headed out for a long hike. Dad had already been hiking the day before and took us up to see some great views of the surrounding countryside. We passed some amazing curly grass that grows in circles- we saw some bunny droppings in the center of one such circle. As we got up higher, there were beautiful yucca's and some coreopsis blooming. We saw the Blanco river winding below us and small horse farms in the distance. As we walked down the hill, through a flat area, we saw collections of snail shells clustered under trees, left by some hungry bird. We also saw a rubbing by a buck on one poor little sapling.

Returning to the campsite, we all had lunch and took a luxurious nap. Afterwards Mark and I played another game of Bocci as the sun was going down. That night we feasted on mouth-watering grilled steak, delicious mushrooms, garlic hash browns, and perfected cornbread. We were all groaning with delight after that amazing meal! I didn't remember, but my parents said that they always had a steak night when we went camping/hunting. I am glad to encourage the tradition!

That night we put on our water shoes and headed down toward the river. The frogs were especially loud. Mark and I waded in the water, and although we could hear the frogs, we couldn't see a one. Now my parents have good sized frogs in their back yard due to the pond, and they croak real loud. But I think that the frogs along the river must have been an inch or so long- we didn't see one. Every time we got close, they got quiet. We saw plenty of perch and small bass in the river, but not a frog. A mystery that we will have to solve, perhaps by camping there next year!!

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