How to add a recipe to ORC

Adding a recipe to ORC is easy as pi. Helpful messages will pop up if anything goes wrong. If you still need help, or for other inquiries and suggestions, please email richm_at_cs_dot_wisc_dot_edu, and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Here is a sample recipe, formatted to fit in the ORC database:

Recipe Header

Title *

Source *

Short Description or Summary

Prep Time

Cook Time




Yields *

Number of Equipment

Number of Ingredients *

Number of Directions *

To begin the process, you are presented with the recipe header form, as seen above. Required fields are the Title, Source, and Yields, where Yields must begin with a number. Please add a helpful description of your recipe, such as where the recipe originated, preparation tips, and suggested complementary dishes.

Preparation time should be the total time needed to prepare all the ingredients and follow steps up until things go in the oven or on the stove. Cooking time will be the time spent in the oven or sauteing on the stove and such.

The ORC is able to accept various category descriptions of your recipe: cuisine, meal, and vegetarian. If you cannot find your preferred choices for cuisine and meal, please email the owner and they will try to add these new options. Currently, cuisine and meal are limited to one selection each.

Vegetarian diet options are defined as follows:

Your Standard American Diet (SAD) focused on meat, eggs, dairy, etc.
Shortened nick-name for an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian. Same as a Vegan, but will also eat milk products and eggs.
No Cheese
aka: Ovo Vegetarian. Same as a Vegan, but will also eat eggs.
No Eggs
aka: Lacto Vegetarian. Same as a Vegan, but will also eat milk products.
Does not eat any animal flesh (meat, poultry, fish and seafood) or animal products (eggs and dairy).
Strict Vegan
Same as Vegan, but also does not eat Honey or any products derived in any way from an animal (including mono/di-glycerides, casein, gelatin, etc.)

Next, you should input the necessary quantities of equipment, ingredients, and steps. If you're not sure, and you're writing the recipe on the fly, don't worry, just estimate. There will be opportunity to add and delete fields as needed later. The maximum number of any quantity at this stage is 99. You are required to input only ingredients and directions, as not all recipes require equipment.

Proceed to adding equipment.