Visit from an old friend

Jan 29

This was the first full week back in the office. Getting ready for riding, Mark took me to Fitchburg Pet Warehouse where we picked up a new riding helmet (my parents had bought my other one for me when I was a teen). After a bit of adjusting it fit perfectly and although riding was canceled this week, I can't wait to try it out next week.

On Tuesday, we had our game night with some wonderful cookies from Kathleen. Mark and I got warmed up with Clock Towers. When everyone arrived we opened up Senator. As I headed to the back to work, everyone wrapped up with a final game of Domain. Overall a fun and eventful night.

Wednesday we went out to dinner at LuLu's with a friend from Washington, Dan. Dan was a TA for cs302 here at UW in Mark's office and then left to work for Microsoft after his Masters. He always has
the most amazing adventures to talk about, and this time was no exception. Between his rock climbing, hiking, skiing, camping and kayaking, Dan leads an amazing life with a wonderful wife and darling new baby boy.

As the week winded down, Mark and I picked up a copy of Serenity from our local comic shop. This beautiful graphic novel tells of the adventures after Firefly and before the movie Serenity. I can't wait to fill in some of the storyline.

We also toted around town and ended up finding me a very nice new pair of shoes. I have been wearing a comfy pair of black loafers from SAS for the past years (Mom said a decade- didn't realize it was that long), but lately my feet hurt with their lack of support. We found a wonderful pair of Naot shoes at Morgan Shoes in Hilldale Mall and the lady helping us in the store helped fit the shoes perfectly to my feet. While they were expensive, if I wear them even half as long as the others, they will have well earned their keep.

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